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It really is that simple, in-fact it's as easy as 1,2,3.
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Pick up vehicle types

In the first stage of our process, we have you pick a vehicle type


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Next, you need to fill out our online Car Loan Application form.


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Let our team work with you to find a dealer partner local to you. We'll find funding partners who want to say yes to you.

We help 99% of Canadians

Car Loans Index has an incredible 99% approval rate. We never let bad credit stop us in the search for the best deal for you.

We consider every credit score

Every Canadian's personal background is unique. We build car loans for our clients and not for the finance houses.

What makes Car Loans Index a lead provider of car loans?

We work hard to give everyone the opportunity to own the car they want or need.

We have programs for customers with good, bad, or no credit rating. At Car Loans Index you have the widest choice of cars to choose from. Access all makes, and every model. Rewards, low rates, debt settlement, balance transfer, and cash back options available. We are proud to provide a flexible service where nobody settles for second best.

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